New South Wales Golf Club, New South Wales, Australia
New South Wales Golf Club, New South Wales, Australia

A key focus for GNGCD is our ReDesign program with a Renovate, Restore, Reposition and Rebrand approach. Since many golf courses lose their unique character and original strategic elements over time, it is GNGCD’s mission to update these courses to higher design standards while focusing on capital expenditures and lowering future operating costs.


As courses age, playing conditions change and require reinvestment in sustainable solutions. For some courses, trees and other vegetation have overgrown and crowd fairways. For others, extreme green contours limit pin placements, while outdated design standards render hazards obsolete and cause safety issues.

These once successful layouts are increasingly expensive to maintain. They consume excess water and fertilizer and struggle to fight disease and weed pressure. They’ve become unsustainable with high operational costs and an inability to attract and maintain repeat play. In many cases these courses have diminished prestige and reputation.

GNGCD is able to update your course to higher design and safety standards, improve course conditions, playability, and pace of play, improve greens speeds, surfaces and pin locations, and increase environmental sustainability through reduced water and power consumption and fewer chemical inputs.


Norman’s design philosophy is inspired by his passion for golf and reverence for classic designs. His courses are a throwback to the Golden Age of design and a time when the natural contours of the land provided the unique character of a course. Greg Norman Golf Course Design goes beyond contour maps and detail drawings and adopts the simple tried and true methods that have created remarkable golf experiences on low maintenance vintage courses for generations.


With a globally recognized name and distinct brand, Greg Norman Golf Course Design is capable of creating differentiation for your course in the market. GNGCD is known for working with clients around the world to design golf courses that meet the highest standards of creativity, innovation and sustainability.


The Greg Norman brand is synonymous with quality and is one of the most popular and recognizable in the golf industry. Greg Norman Golf Course Design has developed that same association between brand value and quality in its courses. A Greg Norman redesign will allow you to leverage the power of this brand and redefine your golf course within the marketplace.